Since January 2016, I serve as innovation attaché at the Netherlands Embassy in Israel, and I am part of the Netherlands Innovation Network (NIN)

of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.

In 2016, I established and since then manage the Israeli Dutch Innovation Center (IDIC) and develop R&D cooperation between Dutch and Israeli private, public and governmental organizations. My work focuses on four societal challenges (energy transition, health & care, agri & food & water, and security), as well as on Key Emerging Technologies (KETs), such as AI, photonics, quantum technology, 5G.

During COVID19 I developed and moderated a series of Dutch Israeli mini symposia that focus on different topics, such as key emerging technologies (i.e., quantum, AI, Photonics, 5G) and societal challenges (energy transition, hydrogen, health & care, security). During these mini symposia the state-of-the art knowledge is shared and the basis for R&D and business cooperation is established. In the case of hydrogen, a summer school was developed on the planning and designing of hydrogen valleys and the role Israel can play in the global, European and Dutch hydrogen economy.

Bilateral cooperation can be funded through the EU mechanisms, such as Horizon Europe and JU projects with which I am familiar. Another way to fund cooperation is through pitching events of Dutch start-ups interested by raising venture capital from VCs and investors. For all these funding opportunities, I either search for partners and/or setup pitching events, respectively.